Big Tech for Small Business

This being the first blog post, I’d like to take the time to introduce myself, talk about what I will be blogging about, and, of course, welcome you to my blog.  My name is Haipin Cua.  I have been a software developer (professionally) for over 8 years now but all my life, I’ve always been a gadget-head and a technophile.  Very recently, I started working for a start-up company here in Reno, NV building mobile apps.  Before that, I worked for IGT developing slot machine games.  I’m also currently working on my MBA.

I’ve decided to focus my blog on technology and more specifically technology that can positively affect small businesses.  Many years ago, technology was predominantly used by many large corporations to gain strategic advantage, and of course, technology still is being used today for that reason but more and more, the use of technology in any business establishment is becoming the status-quo and yet, there are still many businesses (small businesses in particular) that are, to say it a nice way, sort-of, behind the times.

There are quite a few things that I will be discussing in this blog.  I will have reviews on tech products/services aimed for small businesses, how-to guides, talk about current tech trends, and many more.  I will be constantly adding topics to my list.  But my goal for this blog is simple… I will make technology easy to understand for small business owners and help them leverage technology in their business.

I encourage my readers to ask me any specific questions or send me topics they would personally want me to explore and discuss in this blog.  I’m here to remove any mystery behind any technology!  With that said, I welcome you to my blog and thank you for reading my first blog entry.   I very much hope that you’ll come back and participate in my little quest.  Thanks.


2 Responses to “Big Tech for Small Business”

  1. Mark Wu Says:

    Nice start. Keep up the good work.

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