Facebook For Small Businesses 101, Part 1

As I previously mentioned, I will blog about Facebook and how it is being used by small businesses.  First, most small businesses should at least have a basic web site.  At the most, small businesses should have static web sites that talk about their products and or services.  Although, this is, well… not at all enough nowadays, it should at least be enough for people to somehow find you through search engines like Google and Bing.  What’s better to have on top of just a static site is a blog that’ll feed information to your current and potential customers (blogging is a completely different topic, that I will blog about as well in the foreseeable future).  Prior to Facebook, many websites hosted forums that allowed business owners and customers to interact.  Forums took the relationship between business owners and customers to a different level and created a much more intimate relationship and allowed for honest to goodness conversations that both helped business owners and patrons alike but as they say, those good old days are gone, well sort of anyway… forums are still there, if you’d like to use them but Facebook, for the most part, has replaced forums.  Facebook provides endless possibilities for both owners and customers to interact and has many more advantages than just simply using a forum in your website.  For one, Facebook is almost ubiquitous and has a deeper reach.  Forums lived in websites that unless were found directly either via you as the business owner directing your customers to your site or via some sort of advertisement that you spend money on would not get found easily.  Facebook, with 500 million (and growing) users, is very well known and through the power of “friends” can actually allow for your business to be found a lot easier and would allow you as the business owner to interact with your customers in whole new different level.

Before I continue on this topic (Facebook for Small Businesses 101, Part 2). I’d like for you to explore how some of the local businesses here in Reno, Nevada are using Facebook to interact with their customers and thus promote their businesses.   Below is a small list, please follow the links see how these businesses are finding success by using Facebook.

  • Sqeeze In
  • Awful Awful Burger
  • Great Basin Brewing Co.
  • Thanks for reading this post and please come back for Part 2.


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