Facebook For Small Businesses 101, Part 2

Continuing on my Facebook  for Small Businesses blog…  Let’s first talk about how Facebook will work for you and your small business.  Simply put, Facebook works (for your small business) in the following order.

1)   You, as the business owner, with a personal account on Facebook, establish relationship with your clients or customers via Facebook (of course, after the fact that you’ve established a relationship with them in real life). As a side note, personal account means your real name and not your business’ name.

2)   You, as the business owner, have a created a Facebook page for business or establishment to which you have invited your Facebook friends to become a part of by either liking your page or by joining in the conversation that you’ve started in your Facebook page.

3)   The friends that either like your page or become a fan of it, will have some sort of a “badge” in their Facebook profile, indicating that they are part of your business network and thus exposing your business to your friend’s Facebook network.

4)   With your friends talking about your business (hopefully, in a positive manner) in your page, they have essentially given you free advertisement, and better yet have recommended your business, to their network.

It’s quite simple how Facebook will help you and your small business.  The power of social—how people get connected via social networks, is truly amazing and if used correctly can help grow your business.

Follow these simple steps to create your Facebook page for your business.

  1. Create a Facebook account
  2. Login and start finding your “friends”
  3. Go to www.facebook.com/pages
  4. Browse and see how other people are using Facebook pages.  Click on the examples.
  5. Create a page for your business
  6. Suggest the page to your friends
  7. Always provide good content

Facebook is a bigger topic than I’m discussing here.  If you have any questions about Facebook, please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave your comment down below.  Thanks for reading and happy Facebook-ing.



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