The 3 Best Ways to Use Twitter as Small Business

I forgot to mention in my earlier blog that unlike Facebook, you can set-up a business Twitter account on  Twitter without having to set-up a personal account first.  Let’s face it, Twitter as much as it is useful, can also be a source of distraction and hence create less productivity and as a small business, time can not be anymore valuable.  Here are 3 of the best ways to use Twitter for your small business.

1.  Use Twitter as a Forum

Twitter, although I’ve called it a big megaphone, is by no means a one-way street when it comes to communication.  You (your business) and your followers can certainly (and I highly recommend so) have a conversation on Twitter.  Ask your followers for their opinion (in other words, perform your market research on your actual customers) and see how what they say can help you improve your small business.

2. Follow Industry Leaders

Many other businesses, just like yours, are on Twitter.  Follow these people (businesses) and see what they are doing or what else is going on in your industry.  It’s the easiest way to stay on top of the ever changing business environment.  Also, follow these people and seek advice from them.  If they’re using Twitter the right way, they are likely to offer you advice that will be beneficial for your small business.  And as a courtesy, do the same, that is, try as much as you can to provide expert advice.

3. Search for Topics of Interest

If you want to fully take advantage of Twitter to help you out with your small business.  You will have to be proactive (in a strict sense) on Twitter.  Use to find topics that are strictly related to your business and see what people out there are saying about products or services that are similar to yours.  If possible provide feedback to these people, or even better, find out how you can help them.

Twitter is a very useful tool given that it is used correctly.  In my future blogs, I will also be providing reviews and tips (and what not) on tools that can help you and your small business use Twitter.  Bye for now.


4 Responses to “The 3 Best Ways to Use Twitter as Small Business”

  1. cole voors Says:

    Nice article Haipin! I esspecially liked the part about Following Industry Leaders. -Cole

  2. Steven Kafchinski Says:

    Haipin – Good Insight and you definitely hit on three ways that small businesses can use Twitter to become a success!

    Did you have any other reasons that you didn’t mention in your post, or are these your big 3?


  3. Haipin Cua Says:

    Hi Steven,

    There are definitely other ways for small businesses to use Twitter (one obvious one is marketing) but I left them out (for now) since my advice is on using twitter minimally while at the same time establishing and or building a community around it.

    Thanks for your commenting on my blog.

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