5 Easy To Use Cloud Storage Solutions

From my previous blog, I talked about 3 big reasons as to why small businesses should consider using cloud solutions to store their data.  Here are five popular and really good cloud storage/file management solutions.

1) Box

Box is one of my favorite cloud content storage and management solution.  With their service you can easily store your files on-line, share and collaborate your files with others, and keep the different revisions of your files.

Check out the video they made about their product.

Box has three main services: Personal, Business, and Enterprise.  The Personal account is free.

2) Dropbox

Dropbox is another good service for cloud storage and file management.  It’s services are similar to Box’s but the pricing is somewhat different.  Dropbox’s pricing is based on the number of users, instead on the type of user.  Dropbox also has a video on their main page.  Check it out and find out about more their services.

3) MobileMe

MobileMe is Apple’s cloud storage solution.  MobileMe, is more for personal use rather than group collaboration and does not provide a revisioning system for your files.  MobileMe does however have a few pluses, especially if you use Apple products in your small business.  With this service, your files, calendar, and contacts are automatically synced between your computer, mobile devices, and the MobileMe web app.  It allows allows for your files to be easily shared. The cost is $99 per year.

4) Carbonite

Carbonite is technically an on-line back-up solution.  What it does is that it sits quietly in your computer and backs-up your files to the cloud by sending encrypted copies of your files to Carbonite’s data centers.  With Carbonite, you can easily restore files back to your computer using their software.  To me, what makes Carbonite interesting is that when you’re not at your computer, you can easily access your files from any computer and from your smart phone (iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry phones).

Carbonite is a paid for service and only provides a 15-day free trial.  Visit their website at http://www.carbonite.com for pricing.

5) Live Mesh

I really only had four cloud storage solutions to talk about but five is a better number and so I’m adding Microsoft’s Live Mesh.  Microsoft is currently experimenting with a lot of cloud solutions and Live Mesh is one of them.  If you would like to find out more about Live Mesh, follow this link.


One Response to “5 Easy To Use Cloud Storage Solutions”

  1. Eddie Says:

    Don’t forget http://www.eBackpack.com for educators – cloud storage for students, teachers & admins.

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