Square From SquareUp.com

Square is, in my book, a revolutionary way to accept credit card payments.  Let’s face it, paying with cold hard cash is a thing of the past and if you’re one of those people who got held up at a line at some grocery store because someone is still paying using a check, you know how much more convenient it is to use “plastic” both for people and businesses alike.  The trouble with credit cards though is the complicated tiered system that banks setup for transaction fees and how cumbersome this is to keep track off, especially if you’re a small business whose main focus, is well, to do your business in best and most efficient way.

What if you’re a small business and you don’t have a store front?  Until square, there wasn’t a really a good way to accept credit card payments without having to go through the hassle of sending your clients paper bill, waiting for them to return the bill with their payment (hopefully), and processing that bill.  Now with square, all you need is your smart phone (iOS and Android devices), the square app, and the little square credit card reader (will work without it, but cost more per transaction), and of course an account with square (for you bank info, etc.) to accept credit card payments.  Here’s a video from squareup.com explaining fully what square is and how it can help your small business.

So what does square do for you?

1) Allows your business to take credit card payments anywhere and anytime.
2) Removes the complexity of credit card transaction tiered fees for your small business.
3) Billing becomes a thing of the past.





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