Backup Strategy For Small Businesses

For small businesses, protecting data is very important as and yet many fail to do so.  Over the years, the cost of memory has gone down significantly, making it easy for everybody to have terabytes after terabytes of data storage. Many solutions have become available for small businesses (and everybody else really) that allows them to backup their data easily and seamlessly without the hassle and cost of dealing with IT consultants.

However, it is often not good enough to just have one backup solution for your data.  Most people uses either mirrored raid harddrives or sometime backup to a harddrive partition, but this is often not enough simply because of hardware failure.  Here are three backup solutions that go hand-in-hand and for the most part, come any disaster, should allow you to restore your data and to continue running your business.

1) Use mirrored drives.  Yes, I did say that this is not enough but it is the first step (out of three) in backing up your data.  Simply put, in this scenario, you’ll have two harddrives that contain exactly the same data in case one harddrive fails.

2) Also backup to an external harddrive.  There are many ways that this can be done.  One can use USB external harddrives or Networked Attached Storage (NAS) to backup their data to.  This step is plan B incase step 1 fails, but this step also allows you to easily retrieve your data from any computer as you can move external harddrives from one computer to another easily.  With NAS, it’s even better, you don’t have to unplug anything (more on this later).

3) Also backup to the cloud.  There are many services out there that offer backing up to the cloud for a small amount of fee.  This step, should allow you to retrieve back you data in case of disasters such as fire or if ever your hardware gets stolen.

That’s it.  Implementing all three should guarantee that your data is always backed-up.


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