Does My Business Need an App: 3 Things to Think About

“There’s an app for that!”

Believe it or now, there is almost an app for everything nowadays.  Do you need a cure for your hiccup?  Well, there’s an app for that… well, the app won’t cure your hiccup but it’ll recommend things that you can do to cure your hiccup.  For small businesses though, whether you should have your own app can be a tough question because not only that it’ll cost some money to get the app developed, but can the app can actually boost your business?  Here are a three things to think about when considering whether you should have an app for you business.

1) Customer Interaction

How often do you need to interact with your customers and what is the interaction like?  Do you from time to time send out important information to your customers like deals, product information, and other messages?  How are you allowing your customers to provide feedback?  These questions are important to ask because apps for small businesses should be about communication and building your community.  Your app’s purpose should be to allow you to directly communicate with your customer base and to allow them to provide you with important feedback that you’ll use to improve your business.

2) Will the app make your customer’s life a little easier?

The app’s purpose is to take any existing process and make them better and not to merely duplicate them.  For instane, can I receive coupons through the app so I don’t have to go to your website to find and print them out, or look for the coupons in my junk mail, cut ’em out, and only forget to bring them?  Or can I order something from the app and pick it up in 15 minutes?

3) Will the app provide analytics?

The app should be an additional channel by which you reach your customers.  It shouldn’t become so burdensome that it becomes a major part of your daily process.  Just like how it makes your customers life a little easier, it should definitely make your life, as the business owner, easier as well.  The app should takeaway manual and perhaps costly processes and it should simplify some of the things that you do, such as sending messages to your customers.  More importantly though, the app should be able to provide you insight about your customer base which you then take and design your business or parts of your business around on.


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