iPad For Your Small Business: Potential Use Case

It’s been about two weeks now since the iPad2 released and people are still lining up to get one.  For personal use, it’s pretty obvious how one might use the iPad (and that’s just about in anyway: music, reading, movies, games, etc.) but for small business, the iPad can be a great tool that’ll allow just about anybody to conduct their business, not only efficiently and effectively, but also with style.

Here is one use-case where the iPad can be useful in a small business.  You should be able to “expand” this example and see how the iPad can be used in similar businesses.

The Vet

We own an awesome chocolate labrador retriever and once a year we take her to her vet for physical check-up.  Her vet, for the past few years, has been carrying a tablet/laptop (the older and heavier laptop/tablet hybrids), when he comes to see our lab.  He uses a basic spreadsheet to keep track of lab’s medical record.  Dont’ get me wrong, I deal with other medical professionals that still uses paper forms to keep track of my medical records, so needless to say, our vet, is pretty hi-tech by comparison.

Since the vet is already a tech user and more specifically, uses a “mobile” (the 8 pound lap top) device to access/modify/add patient records, it’s not hard to see how he might be able to transition to a ligher and probably ten times better (faster cpu, more ram, etc.) device, which the iPad is.

Now for how the vet might keep track of patients using the iPad (in terms of software), he has several options such as a custom app, a web-based solution, and or using data-base programs already available for the iPad.


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