3 Simple Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Use Cloud Storage

There are three main reasons why small businesses should use cloud storage.

Reason #1: Easy Access to Files

Let’s face it, as a small business, you probably have your files (data) in different computers and sometimes even have different versions of those files simply because you do your not only at your main business establishment, but also at home and on the road.  Most people, in order to bring their work with them, use usb drives to store their files, which often can be fatal as usb drives can fail.  Other se-mail their files to themselves and use their email as main data storage.  Cloud services, such as DropBox, Box.net, and Apple’s MobileMe, provides not only cloud storage buy easy access to your files.  These services provide interfaces via the web, mobile apps, and desktop applications that allows for easy storage and access of your files.

Reason #2: The Cloud, by its nature, is your back-up solution

Once your files are stored on the cloud, not only that you have instant access to them, they have technically been backed-up (and you didn’t have to do a thing).  Storing your files locally on your computer means that you do have to provide a back-up solution for yourself in case of computer crashes.  Using cloud services in a great way to have back-up for your files/data.

Reason #3: Easy Sharing

Another great way to share your documents with your colleagues is through online cloud services.  Sure, you can e-mail the document to your colleagues as well, but if ever that you need them to collaborate with you on a document, the experience (multiple versions of files, etc) will get rather hairy quickly.  With a lot of these services, it’s easy to set-up collaboration which means that everyone is working on the same file and everyone can easily see everybody else’s addition to the file.

Bonus: Reason #4: Revisioning

When it comes to sharing a file and multiple people are working on it, it’s definitely useful to have a revisioning system.  DropBox and Box.net both support revision of files.