YouTube For Small Business

YouTube is another powerful tool that many small businesses can use to market their product or services. Infact many businesses have already started using YouTube and many are finding success. My personal favorites are individual businesses that usually offer services that provide how-to instructions. These how to instructions could be on just about anything like how to improve your golf swing, how to play a guitar riff, who to use Photoshop, etc. The list can go on, but the point is that, YouTube is a powerful tool for small businesses.

Here are some examples.

One key take away from the videos is how businesses are providing the actual service in their videos and not merely talking about their product or service. One might mistakenly use YouTube to post a TV spot they’ve produced and that’s a big mistake as most people do not go to YouTube to watch ads.  Other than being entertained, people go to YouTube to learn about something new as well as learning about how to use a product or what other people think of a specific product.

Another important key to remember and better yet apply, when using YouTube, is to create a channel for your small business.  Allow people to comment to your videos and make sure to communicate with them.  They’re your market research.  Make sure to also gather in your channel YouTube videos of people talking about your product or your services (hopefully of good reviews).  There’s no better way to market your product and or service other than having people rave about your product.

Here are example YouTube videos of people talking about other people’s product.


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