4 Key YouTube Stats for Small Businesses

Key Points:

  1. 2 billion views a day
  2. Average person spends 15 minutes on YouTube a day
  3. YouTube Player is embedded in 10s of millions of websites
  4. Hundreds of millions of videos are watched on mobile devices monthly.

I specifically picked these key points, to demonstrate the specific things that a small business must consider when using YouTube as a marketing channel and more importantly to establish an online community.

2 billion views

That’s a lot of views and for you as a small business, you can interpret this statistical figure to only mean that yes, people are watching videos on YouTube.  It doesn’t guarantee however that people will watch your video and that they will buy your product or service.  Differentiation and being good is key here.

15 minutes

It’s certainly not a lot of time and with the millions of videos on YouTube, how are you going to present your product or service to capture a tiny portion of this statistical figure is another thing to think about.  This stat is also a useful guide on how long your videos should be.  There’s really no guide on this, but the goal should be to keep your videos “short and sweet.”

Embedded in websites

This is an important feature that YouTube offers and that a small business should take advantage.  For any videos you create, you should not only upload them to YouTube, but also embed your video on your website and other pages such as your Facebook business page.

Mobile devices

This emphasizes the further need to create videos that are “short and sweet.”  Internet connection on mobile devices is hit and miss, so to be safe, keep your video short to give it a better chance of loading and streaming into mobile devices.

Source: YouTube Stats


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