Google Apps For Business

Google, along with the hundreds of things it has to offer, also offers “Apps for Business.”  This solution is comprised of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Cloud Connect, Google Groups, Google Sites, and Google Video.  However, “Apps for Business” is not a free service from Google, rather it costs 50 dollars per user per year for an unlimited number of users (I really can’t see why they would limit the number of users).  Google offers a 90-day free trial for this product.

Here’s a breakdown of the different products that Google bundle into its “Apps for Business.”

Gmail – Most people are already familiar with Google’s Gmail service.  Gmail, is a web-based email service.  As part of the “Apps for Business” product suite, you can get 25 GB of email and IM storage.  Also, with Gmail. you get instant messaging as well as voice and video chat.

Calendar – Another familiar Google product.  With Google Calendar, sharing project calendars, appointments, and meetings is easy.  Calendars can also be published if a business so chooses to make some of its events public.

Google Docs – Web-based productivity suite for creating word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.  With Google Docs, collaboration and sharing documents is easy.

Cloud Connect – Bring collaborative editing to the Microsoft Office suite.  To better understand how this product works, here’s a short video from Google.

Groups – Allows for sharing documents, calendars, folders, videos, etc.. Each member in a group can have specific control access to files and other content.

Sites – More or less a wiki and web-page creation tool.  It’s intended use for small businesses, is to allow them to create sites for collaboration and sharing of information.

Video – “Video channel for your business.”  Intended to be used by small businesses for internal training, announcements, and others.  Most small businesses probably won’t have a lot of use for this feature.

There you have it.  Google’s “Apps for Business.”  Personally, for even smaller small businesses, using the already available versions of these services for free might be the best way.


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