Update: Drop Box and Security

This is more or less an update to one of my previous post.  I’ve talked about cloud storage previously and how Dropbox is one of the many services that I personally use.  Recently, there’s been a couple of major information regarding Dropbox that were brought to its user’s attention.  First, according to Dropbox, although most of its employees are prohibited from accessing user data, a small number of employees must be able to do when required by law.  The second part of my previous statement (“when required by law”) prompted even more concern from Dropbox’s user base, which lead Dropbox to update its privacy policy.  The new privacy policy, which according to many is inline with the privacy policy of such companies like Google and Twitter, indicates that Dropbox, when required by law, with turn over user data as a form of compliance.

In light of these new findings.  I looked for other online storage solution that promised a little bit more security.  Wuala (www.wuala.com), is a secure online storage service that’s provides a little bit more security.  Encryption happens on your computer and therefore anything sent over to wuala is already encrypted.  The following video explains a little bit more about Wuala.  Check it out!

Wuala’s pricing structure ranges from free for 1 GB of storage to $289 for 250 GB of storage.  The free service does not include file versioning, backup, sync, and time travel.  Wuala is available for the Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux platforms and also comes with a mobile app.


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