Building a Web Site: For the “do-it-yourselfers” (Part I)

It’s tough running a small business and some stuff you just have to outsource and let the pros have at it like accounting for instance… who wants to deal with that?  Sometimes though, there are just things that are too exciting and small business owners just don’t want to pass to someone else.  Like building a web site for example.  Many business owners take pride in their business and many times would like to develop their sites themselves because they want the creative control and many take pride in being able to build something on their own.

Well, luckily, the internet is full of resources for building web sites and in this blog, I will provide you the necessary resources to get started with learning the appropriate technology.

For now, let’s talk about HTML.  HTML is the markup language used for building web pages.  To get a simple page created, you at least need to know basic HTML.  My personal favorite tool to use online for learning anything web is W3School.  To get started with HTML, go to and start with the tutorial.

YouTube, believe it or not, is another great tool to use when learning HTML.  Just go to YouTube and search for HTML.  You are sure to find lots of video tutorial on HTML.

As far as HTML books, I personally haven’t used one in a very long time (thank you Internet) but that doesn’t, by any means, lessen the value of a well-written self-help book. is the place to go for books (I’m sure you already knew that), but as a quick tip for shopping for HTML books, make sure to read the description of the book and also the reviews on the books itself.  The description and reviews often reveal who is the book is written for (i.e. programmers, beginners, designers, etc.)

Lastly, as you go through the process of learning HTML, you’ll need some tools to practice with.  Fortunately, you don’t need to spend any money at all (towards tools) when it comes to building web pages.  Start with the built in text editor and internet browser that came with your operating system (I’m sure any tutorial you’ll go through will tell you the same thing).


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