About Me

My name is Haipin Cua. I am a technology evangelist, a software engineer, and a gadget head, who in my spare time, try as much as I can to learn about the latest and greatest in tech. I also develop small but fun mobile apps, mostly so I can exercise my programming and design skills. For my full-time job, I work as an innovation engineer, developing mobile and web apps, for a local start-up here in Reno, NV. Right now, I am also working towards getting my MBA.

It’s been almost two decades now, since I first started playing with computers. I learned at a pretty young age, how to do Basic programming. In my early teens, I designed websites for friends and family and even won Nevada’s FBLA website competition when I was in high school. In college, I majored in computer science, which landed me my first job at IGT. At IGT, I worked on several game platforms, implemented many slot machine games, and had the opportunity of leading a group of software engineers and technical artists.

I’ve since moved on and left IGT to pursue other career interests which include tech consulting geared toward small businesses and hopefully, turn my mobile app design and development hobby, into a real business.


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Tam Says:

    What’s IGT?

  2. Haipin Cua Says:

    International Game Technology.

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